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The Sol Bar

Agency: Edelman
Brand: Sol
Sol Beer logo
The Brief

Design a brand experience that allows sunlight deprived Brits to enjoy the benefits of the sun,  even when it’s not around.

"When Sol said they were creating a bar where the sun never sets to brighten up our winter evenings, I had to come and check it out."

Jeff Brazier

KGA conceived, designed, produced, and ran the Sol Bar - an oasis of sunshine in the middle of cold, dark Shoreditch, just as the clocks jumped back for British wintertime.

A dynamic lighting installation formed the walls and ceilings. Serotonin & vitamin D boosting S.A.D. lamps were integrated within the bar itself, whilst incorporating aestival scents, sounds and warm breezes.

KGA Sol Bar Event in Shoreditch
Sol Beer | The Sol Bar

Sol Beer | The Sol Bar

Guests who entered the vibrant, warmly lit sunspot were treated to complimentary Sol and Sol Chelada cocktails served in an environment of ever-changing light, and to a musical backdrop inspired by sunsets from around the globe.

For four nights in a row under KGA’s event management, The Sol Bar radiated summer vibes and exceeded all our client's targets for footfall & engagement.

Busy bar at the KGA Sol Bar Event in London's Shoreditch

The Delivery













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