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The Bank of Bacon

Agency: Kerve
Brand: Deliveroo
The Brief

Create an ATM that dispenses 'emergency' breakfasts to hungover Londoners as they haul themselves into work after nights out. 

Deliveroo logo

"Probably the best thing we've ever done."

Deliveroo PR Team

Deliveroo data showed that the second week in December was statistically the most hungover week of the year.  After a big Christmas night out, breakfast orders would skyrocket to 72% on the second Friday of December.

We designed and built the Bank of Bacon.

KGA Agency Deliveroo Bank of Bacon Queue
Bank of Bacon

Bank of Bacon

The cashpoint was activated by contactless donations to charities, and administered free bacon sarnies to passing party casualties.

This experiential PR activation was hailed by the Deliveroo PR team as "probably the best thing we’ve ever done”.

KGA Agency Deliveroo Bank of Bacon Cash Machine

The Delivery








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