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KGA Scores Euro Win With "Rolls for Goals" Campaign

As Scottish fans arrived in Kings Cross en-masse, they were promptly greeted by that most English of welcomes - a sausage roll courtesy of Greggs and Just Eat.

Visiting fans could have a go at putting one past the keeper, and if they succeeded they received their meaty, sausage-y reward.

David Seaman at the KGA Rolls for Goals event
David Seaman at the "Rolls for Goals" event

We set up in London and Glasgow, at the same time as the England vs Scotland, and Scotland vs Croatia games respectively. The activation saw thousands of people visiting Kings Cross, London and Argyll Street, Glasgow, and over 600 sausage rolls were given out. Ex England and Scotland goalkeepers David Seaman and Rob Douglas were in goal for a few pics.

KGA "Rolls for Goals" event

KGA handled the production of the event, managed the activation on the match days, and amongst everything else, brought to life the vision of “a van with a huge sausage roll on top of it”.

It’s an occupational hazard in experiential, but how do you recreate a gigantic sausage roll and not make it look, well, phallic? KGA’s team were able to get around the issue by 3D printing the structure, based off of the exact colours and dimensions of a Greggs rouleau de saucisse.

The events formed part of Just Eat and Greggs’ UEFA EURO 2020 tournament campaign, giving customers free sausage rolls for every match played on UK soil which saw a goal scored. Throughout the tournament, fans could get their hands on a free sausage roll the day after the matches, on all Greggs orders over £5 placed on Just Eat.

Matt Bushby, Just Eat UK Marketing Director said: “What better way to to deliver joy than by rewarding customers with free Greggs sausage rolls”.


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