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Ed Sheeran’s Equals Experience: A 'Listening Meadow' Case Study


KGA was tasked to deliver a super-smart idea by the team at Tommy. Their vision was an unparalleled listening experience for Ed Sheeran's super fans. The activation was centred around his latest album and was for Amazon Music. The aim was to create a transformative, immersive journey that would deeply resonate with fans, allowing them to connect with the album's emotional themes and Ed Sheeran's personal journey.

The event was designed to combine Dolby Atmos audio technology, lighting design, projection, augmented reality, set, and scent, providing a unique and interactive encounter for the audience.

Ed Sheeran’s Listening Meadow - Lights & Plants


The primary challenge for the KGA team was to seamlessly integrate various technologies, including Dolby Atmos, lighting, projections, and live streaming, within a limited timeframe while ensuring optimal acoustic conditions for an exquisite audio experience. Coordinating the installation of different elements and synchronizing them for a cohesive experience presented logistical and technical hurdles. Additionally, the sudden unavailability of Ed Sheeran due to contracting Covid posed a last-minute challenge for the team, who implemented and managed a live stream to engage the audience effectively in a Q&A session with the artist.

Ed Sheeran’s Listening Meadow - Garden bench sitting


To ensure the Dolby Atmos audio technology was able to deliver its full potential, the KGA team meticulously designed the rigging and strategically deployed acoustic drapes. Lighting and projections were then plotted to ensure that each element complemented the other and worked in harmony with the set, without compromising the audio experience. Deploying innovative solutions, such as the digitally-enabled meadow, real living flora, scent, and dynamic lighting synchronised to Dolby Atmos audio, created an utterly immersive atmosphere for the audience. The team also executed a last-minute two-way livestream setup, connecting Ed Sheeran to the event and enabling fans to interact with him virtually.

Ed Sheeran’s Listening Meadow - Purple lit garden


Despite the challenges posed by a short project lead time and multiple production elements, the KGA team successfully executed the immersive listening experience, which sold-out within 46 minutes of ticket release. The integration of technologies like Dolby Atmos and augmented reality, coupled with the live stream, provided a captivating, visceral experience for attendees, keeping them closely connected to the album's narrative. From the positive reactions, captured through interactive moments with the meadow, AR butterflies, and exclusive branded merchandise, it was clear that audience satisfaction levels were exceptionally high. The team's collaborative efforts and innovative solutions aligned with the initial goal of creating a transformative and memorable experience for fans, and contributed to the success of Ed Sheeran’s 'Listening Meadow' experience.

Ed Sheeran’s Listening Meadow - Red lit plants


“The event was created to give my fans a chance to hear the story behind the album and the inspiration for the songs. The unique immersive listening experience was designed to be transformative and a reflection of the tracks on the album and the life journey I have been on for the last four years.”

Ed Sheeran


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