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KGA Helps E.ON With "Cooling The Capital"

It always feels a bit warmer in the city. This is largely because of all the buildings, infrastructure, transport, even the sheer volume of people within a small area - it all contributes to the heat generated in an urban environment.

With their mission to become carbon neutral, E.ON have developed technology to harness and reuse of a lot of this excess heat. With £4 million invested into the new Citigen process, they’re able to capture ‘heat waste’ from beneath the city streets, which is then reused to keep the lights (and the air-con) on.

KGA Helps E.ON With "Cooling The Capital"

Coinciding with the start of London Climate Week, E.ON wanted an activation to help hero how they were cooling the capital. KGA was asked to bring to life their vision of a huge ice sculpture. This involved using 20,000 litres of frozen, pure water, to make an ice sculpture taller than a London bus. After using a combination of CNC cutting and hand-carving, the creation was delivered and installed at Charterhouse Square, just around the corner from E.ON’s new Citigen power plant. The ice sculpture featured London’s landmarks, as well as showing E.ON’s heating & cooling system that lies beneath the city streets.

KGA Helps E.ON With "Cooling The Capital"

Michael Lewis, E.ON UK Chief Executive, said this would “pave the way for de- carbonising heating and cooling in City of London”.


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