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KGA Plus Ed Equals Success

To celebrate the release of Ed Sheeran’s new album, Equals, Amazon Music and Digital Marketing Agency, Tommy, wanted an immersive listening experience that Sheeran Super Fans could enjoy. To execute Tommy’s creative vision, the KGA team was called upon to add our expertise into the Equals equation.

Our brief was to bring the album viscerally to life by designing and building a multi-sensory ‘Listening Meadow’ experience. We assembled an experiential concoction of Dolby Atmos audio, video, projection, lighting, set design, augmented reality, and a live stream from Ed himself. This is what we came up with…

Ed Sheeran immersive listening experience

The Listening Meadow, replete with Dolby Atmos and heady floral aromas.

Whilst waiting outside Protein Studios in Shoreditch, visitors were treated to an engrossing AR experience that could be viewed on Instagram. From the queue, fans highlighted a QR code within the giant Equals wall banner, activating flurries of butterflies through their phones. Once inside the meadow, visitors could sit back beneath a lone tree or wander amongst hundreds of flowers and butterflies, enjoying a medley of Equals songs.

Couple enjoying the immersive listening experience

Music to their ears: two fans take in the experience and ambience

Once the medley finished, visitors were led to the final area, where they watched a live stream of Ed performing his songs, and where fans could get their hands on the album via digital download.

Taking photo of the immersive listening experience

Butterfly Effect: A fan watching the butterflies come to life from within the screen.

The event was extremely popular, selling out on Eventbrite in 46 minutes. Founder and Director of KGA, Dan Keam-George said, “I am very proud of what we achieved and I’m grateful to all the team and crew members who worked with so much professionalism, cooperation and goodwill, to deliver such a high quality production.”


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