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KGA Adds "Bark Run" To Our Summer Of Sport

The Euros, Wimbledon and the Olympics were all part of our ‘summer of sport’, but there was one sporting event that we think has beaten all contenders. Namely because it had dogs in it. With more excitement than a retriever that’s spotted a ball, we helped execute and run an athletic event of our own with our four-legged friends.

Lorraine Kelly and her pup Vala at the Bark Run event
Lorraine Kelly and her pup Vala

Created for premium dog brand,, Bark Run was a one day event where we invited owners to run an obstacle course specifically set up for their dogs. Think Tough Mudder meets Crufts.

Obstacles included the ‘Zig Wag’, a zig-zag walk to test dogs’ balancing skills, the ‘Downward Dog’, a tunnel element through hay bales, and the ‘Drenched Doggy Dash’, a sprint finale to give them a well-earned drink and a treat.

Victoria Pendleton and her dog Angus

Lorraine Kelly running with her dog

Using Wimbledon Common as a staging ground, the event was attended by 180 visitors, including Victoria Pendleton and Lorraine Kelly (along with their pups Vala and Angus).

Sean McCormack, head vet at said: “Bark Run is designed to create walkies with a difference for dogs and their owners no matter what the dog’s age, breed or lifestyle. We see the benefits of tailored nutrition every day in building healthy, happy dogs for our customers and Bark Run is a great way for dogs and their owners enjoy a sporting experience together. We’ve all wanted to celebrate the 'Summer of Sport', and we believe dogs shouldn’t have to miss out.”

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