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The Ecover Refillery

Agency: The Romans
Brand: Ecover
Logo Ecover
The Brief

Take a gas-guzzling petrol station and transform it into a fresh, green oasis for people to fill up on Ecover products instead of fossil fuels, and to receive inspiration to reuse & refill rather than recycle.

"This project is a career-defining moment for our team. It’s even better than we imagined"

Ecover Senior Management

We took the dirtiest, most rundownest petrol station we could find. We then designed and repurposed it into the “Ecover Refillery”, a destination dedicated to fighting plastic waste with refills.

Pumps for petrol were turned into pumps dispensing Ecover’s environmentally conscious, plant-based, cleaning products.

Whilst refilling their plastic containers, people could sign up to the “Refillution” by pledging to use their plastic bottles continuously for an entire year.

KGA ECOVER REFILLUTION Gas station with colored tyres
The Ecover Refillery

The Ecover Refillery

While visitors refuelled themselves with a little refreshment, the environment was perfect for hosting inspirational panel discussions, educating them to reuse rather than just recycle.

And to encourage them to use eco-friendly modes of transport, we built bespoke charging stations for electric bikes and scooters.

The creation attracted the local community in London SE1, as well as media, influen
cers and consumers from across the UK.


The Delivery

Technical Production

Public Event Management


Build &


Public Event Management

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