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Ed Sheeran Album Launch

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Agency: Tommy
Brand: Amazon Music
The Brief

Create an interactive "Listening Meadow", where Ed Sheeran Super Fans can enjoy an immersive audio-visual experience, bringing to life the themes within the album.

"What the team managed to create was truly breathtaking. One of the best, if not the best, experiential production I’ve ever created."

Maz Phiri, Senior Producer, KGA

The Equals Listening Experience was an immersive, multi-sensory installation, bringing to life the emotions and moods from Ed Sheeran's latest album.

The brief was to create an environment where visitors could escape real life and step into an other-worldly "Listening Meadow".

Ed Sheeran Album Launch Garden
Ed Sheeran Equals Launch

Ed Sheeran Equals Launch

Fans that managed to get themselves a ticket (the event sold out in 46 minutes) could take in the sights & lights, with butterflies projected around the room, smell the heady Floral aromas, and listen to a bespoke medley of all the songs from the album.

There was also a live stream performance from Ed himself, and a fun Augmented Reality activation outside, as people queued to get in. 

Ed Sheeran Album Launch people in event garden

The Delivery



Public Event Management


Full Event Production

Public Event Management

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