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What The Gut?

Activia Logo
Agency: Ketchum
Brand: Activia
The Brief

Design, produce and deliver a ‘Gut Museum’ for Danone Activia, offering visitors an interactive, highly visual and immersive experience while learning about the intricate gut system.

"Knowledge is power, and so the more we know, the more we can look after our guts, and live healthier,  happier lives"

Dr Zoe Williams, NHS GP, TV Presenter, Health Educator

What The Gut offered visitors an interactive, visual and highly immersive experience, journeying through the alimentary canal.

Danone Event - Activia Foam Tunnel

The activation swallowed hundreds of visitors. Throughout their experience, they were educated about the intricate gut system, by Dr Zoe Williams.

Danone Event - Activia Intestine

The Delivery

Technical Production

Public Event Management

Location Scouting


& Build 

Public Event Management

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